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  Each Class $85

  • 4-Classes-(2hrs ea.)

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Our Mission

Unfortunately, for so many teens and young adults, we have seen a
eradication of music programs in schools; robbing young
people of the opportunity 
to explore their talents in the arts.
Then add a pandemic to the mix! We have seen 
numbers of young people dealing with mental health issues related to

agoraphobia, depression, self-doubt (the list goes on) and are missing
out on key 
fundamentals to make them confident, productive people.
I believe, with a little 
self-love, anything is possible! The KEY program
focuses on passion for growth, craft and inclusion. Music, specifically,
can, has and always will change our lives. Our program will teach our
students how to tap into their passions for music creation and leave
them with the knowledge to step out and continue to create, produce
and share their talents with the world. When students enroll in our
live, online courses, they will be instructed by a professional in their
field of interest. Students can enroll in songwriting, recording
production, vocal coaching and beat making courses with a small
group of like-minded students. KEY will guide students using programs
such as Soundtrap, Protools and FL Studio. These programs will give
students the necessary tools to continue their skills long into their
music careers. Students will be mentored and guided along with
their classmates through our six-week program to create a single
masterpiece. We serve youth and young adults throughout the
United States. KEY serves youth and young adults ages 12-25.
Students will learn arrangement, audio programming, cadence,
rhyming schemes and so much more; building up the skill set for a
career in the industry. The music industry is changing. It no longer
belongs to big labels and contracts, rather it is anyone’s game!
These are exciting times and such a great opportunity for young people.

Our Music Collection

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KEY will show case students songs and instrumentals.
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