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Beat Making 

Organize audio and MIDI clips,
automate tracks & FX, & more
This course has 3 classes 2 hour each

-Navigate and use your daw to its fullest potential

-Make drum grooves like a hit maker

-Making melodies and counter melodies like a pro

-Interesting chord progressions to keep attention

-Learn arrangement like your favorite producers

-How to use VST's and plugins

-Basic music theory

-When to add variations, impacts, builds and fills

-Mix your track to make it sound like a hit

-Fine tuning and cohesion

Week 1-Monday, Class (1)

How to use your daw

 1. Playlist

 2. Piano roll

 3. Channel rack

 4. Mixer

-Shortcuts and hot keys

Step sequencer

Sound selection

Creating drums and rhythms

Percussion and hi hats


Week 2-Tuesday, Class (2)

Melodies and counter melodies


1 verse and 1 hook


Impacts, build, and fills

Creating tension and release


Week 3-Wednesday, Class (3)


All about that bass

Drums and percussion

Catchiest lead

Supporting melodies

Sound fx

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