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Music Production

Our songwriting course includes instruction on the fundamentals of song structure, melody, harmony, and lyrics. Students will learn techniques for crafting catchy hooks, writing meaningful lyrics, and developing a unique style. The course also covers music theory, and other songwriting tools. Additionally, students will have opportunities to collaborate with other songwriters and receive feedback on their work from instructors or peers. By the end of the course, students should have a solid foundation in songwriting and be able to create compelling songs on their own.


Our music engineering course is a program that teaches students the technical skills and knowledge needed to produce, record, and mix music. The course typically covers topics such as sound theory, audio equipment, digital audio workstations, and recording techniques. Students will also learn about music production software, microphone placement, and the process of mastering a final mix. Our music engineering courses will also include hands-on experience in a recording studio or live sound environment. Graduates of a music engineering course may find work as sound engineers, music producers, or recording studio technicians in the music industry.

Studio Engineering

$510 = 6 classes
(2 hrs. each class)

Balancing Sound
Mixing Tracks
Recording Audio Live


$340 = 4 classes
2 hrs. each class)

Bar and Beat Counting
Lyric Arrangement

Vocial Guide

Beat Making

$255 = 3 classes
2 hrs. each class)

Drum Patterns

Recording Studio

$135 = 2 hrs. each session

Audio Engineering Course
Songwriting Course

One-on-One Sessions

Available Courses

Performance Lighting

Music Collection


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